BEMP Turtle Trapping at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

While most students were enjoying an extended weekend in the middle of October, a dedicated crew of Bosque School and UNM scholars spent four days trapping and taking genetic samples of freshwater turtles down south at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Part of a larger project led by New Mexico Game and Fish and the University of New … Read More

BEMP celebrates its partnership with USA-NPN!

BEMP celebrates its partnership with USA-NPN! Where does all the data that BEMP collects go? While most of it is used to inform understanding of the bosque ecosystem (it is in our name, after all!), some of it contributes to a larger, national database. Since October 2015, BEMP has used Nature’s Notebook, a program developed by the USA-National Phenology Network … Read More

Management Strategies of a Senescing Bosque

BEMP Fall Field Tour 2018 “What bosque comes next?” was the question that over 50 people came to Bosque School to answer this past week. Each fall the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) hosts a Fall Field Tour for river and bosque managers, ecologists, and other interested people to discuss the implications of BEMP’s research and findings. BEMP, using a … Read More

BEMP Fall Field Tour 2018

Fall Field Tour 2018 Management Strategies of a Senescing Bosque Thursday, October 25th 9:30 am – 12:00 pm The bosque is more than one thing, but the World War II era, gallery forest of mature cottonwoods that for many people defines the bosque is coming to an end. Join BEMP for a fall field tour focusing on Management Strategies of a Senescing … Read More

BEMP Stable Isotope Workshop Success

On September 13th and 14th BEMP  partnered with the Center for Stable Isotopes (CSI) at the University of New Mexico (UNM) to put on a two-day workshop to introduce high school students to stable isotope research. Stable isotopes are atoms found in nature that have a different number of neutrons in their nucleus, making them heavier or lighter than usual.  During the … Read More

BEMP and UNM Stable Isotope Workshop

Join us for the first Stable Isotope Workshop BEMP is partnering with the UNM Center for Stable Isotopes (CSI) to put on a two-day workshop for high school students that are interested in learning about stable isotopes and how they can be used to answer ecological questions. Students that show a particular interest in isotope studies after the workshop may … Read More

ASLA Summer with BEMP

This summer, BEMP was excited to work with the first Albuquerque Sign Language Academy (ASLA) Youth Conservation Crew in partnership with ASLA, Valle de Oro NWR, and the US Forest Service! Following the footsteps of crews of young adults from the deaf and hard of hearing community who work with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps (RMYC), this crew was created for … Read More

Welcome, Alex Levine! Education Coordinator

BEMP is excited to welcome Alex Levine and his family to the BEMP tribe! Alex Levine was born and raised in south Florida where he spent most of his free time birding and herping. After graduating from The University of North Carolina at Asheville with a BS in Environmental Science, Alex moved back to Miami and received a Masters in Biology … Read More

BEMP and Horizons 2018

Summer at BEMP brings together some of our favorite people, the Horizons Albuquerque community!  Horizons is a national summer enrichment program that addresses summer learning loss for public school students.  Students return to the program each summer to study and grow together. They continue to get support from their Horizons teachers throughout the school year, at tutoring and monthly events. … Read More

BEMP Loves Our Interns, Part 2: Welcome Back Sarah Moser!

We love Sarah Moser!  Sarah is an asset to the team and we are excited to have her back this summer! Sarah Moser is an undergraduate at Bard College, currently pursuing BS degrees in both biology and philosophy. She became involved with BEMP attending Bosque School for high school and has continued to cultivate her passion for science and the … Read More