BEMP on the Radio!

Check out BEMP on KNAU’s Earthnotes program. It aired on Albuquerque’s KUNM radio station on January 13, 2016.

Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Winter turns the Bosque into a birdwatcher’s paradise. By the thousands, geese, cranes, ducks, and other waterfowl gather in and along the Rio Grande’s bosque. Although much of BEMP’s work is centered on having students monitor  the river and its forest in partnership with government agencies, students also have the opportunity to just enjoy the sites and sounds of an … Read More

New BEMP site!

Last week BEMP installed our 31st site in the bosque!  BEMPers measured out the site, dug wells and hammered in rebar.  This site in the South Valley will monitor a willow swale and high flow channel, so students monitoring the new site can expect some wet days in the spring and summer.

Rio Rancho 6th graders interviewed BEMP educators

After collecting data at the Badger site near Alameda Bridge in November, Rio Rancho 6th graders interviewed BEMP educator Kelly and UNM intern Kelley R.. They asked questions about what changes BEMP has seen in the bosque since we began monitoring, how their daily actions impact the bosque and what the of the bosque looks like.

Nature’s Notebook

Students coming to Bosque School for BEMP’s Study Trips are now participating in a national citizen science program called Nature’s Notebook. Through this research, students collect phenology data: information about how and when the plants and animals of the bosque respond to seasonal changes and cycles. Students also collect abiotic data – like precipitation (pictured here) and groundwater levels of … Read More

UNM water quality monitoring

Students from the UNM BEMP class participated in BEMP’s water quality monitoring. In addition to assessing environmental conditions in the bosque, BEMP also tests the water in the Rio Grande for potential contaminants three times per year. This work is supported through a EPA Urban Waters Small Grant, and is aimed at exposing more advanced students to detailed sampling protocols … Read More

Rio Rancho Water Festival

On Monday and Tuesday, Oct 26th and 27th, BEMP staff and volunteers went to the – an event hosted by the city of Rio Rancho to teach students about the value of water in our community. Rio Rancho 4th graders cycled through the BEMP station, learning about local arthropods (bugs), plants of the bosque, the mammals that can be spotted along … Read More

BEMP Monthly Monitoring

BEMP Monthly Monitoring continued with gusto this October. With the changing of the seasons, students tested their mettle through thunderstorms, hail, and lots of rain. The 7th graders of Jefferson Middle School did a fantastic job of monitoring during a torrential downpour on Wednesday, 10/21. They measured over an inch of rain at our “Open Rain Gauge” at their BEMP … Read More

BEMP Study trips are in full swing

Kids playing with leaves in the Albuquerque Bosque

BEMP Study trips are in full swing this fall, taking local elementary school field trips to the next level! BEMP educators Audrey Kruse and Kelly Steinberg regularly lead students into the bosque adjacent to the Bosque School campus for several hours of hands-on local ecology lessons and activities. We hope to inspire these young students and give them the necessary … Read More

Pitfall Trapping September 2015

Dr. Kim Eichhorst spies a garden spider in the field during one of three annual pitfall trap collecting events. BEMP scientists set pitfall traps throughout the Bosque and then observe the number and type of surface-active arthropods (bugs) that fall in them over 24 hours. This helps tell us more about the ecology of the bosque and how it is … Read More