BEMP Loves Our Interns, Part 2: Welcome Back Sarah Moser!

We love Sarah Moser!  Sarah is an asset to the team and we are excited to have her back this summer! Sarah Moser is an undergraduate at Bard College, currently pursuing BS degrees in both biology and philosophy. She became involved with BEMP attending Bosque School for high school and has continued to cultivate her passion for science and the … Read More

BEMP Loves Our Interns, Part 1: Welcome Marisa Granados!

BEMP is excited to welcome summer intern Marisa!  Marisa has been a huge help and inspiration to the BEMP team! Marisa Granados is a recent Bosque School alumna and is planning on attending Colorado State University in the fall to study Environmental Engineering. Marisa has done extensive research through the Bosque School Senior Thesis program on Environmental Education programs and … Read More

What Happens to BEMP data?

What Happens to BEMP data? Every third full week of the month, BEMP staff and students head out along the Middle Rio Grande to one of 33 research sites to collect data on groundwater, precipitation, and litterfall. These monthly collections help build our thousands of data points that tell us about the overall health of the bosque and help inform … Read More

TLB Romping and A Retrospective

TLB Romping and A Retrospective By Jonathan Tyrrell As I mark the calendar of a year-long anniversary of working at BEMP, I am excited to step into new horizons, learn about new datasets, and establish stronger connections to the bosque ecosystem and those who work to monitor it. This past year has taught me how BEMP is a microcosm of … Read More

Welcome Ara, our new Data Manager!

BEMP welcomes Ara to the team! Ara Winter, Ph.D. is the Data Manager for BEMP. Ara’s spent the past ten years mixing data analysis across different spatial and time scales with extensive fieldwork in New Mexico. In his off time he is a Zen Buddhist priest, enjoys cooking, hiking, climbing, gardening and generally being outside. His current kids are a … Read More


Proud of all our friends along the Rio Grande who are graduating this year and grateful to those students who let BEMP be a part of their story.  We are super proud of your accomplishments. Chase your dreams, burst at the seams, never stop trying, never stop learning, live life to the fullest.  Give it nothing but your best….. Congratulation on … Read More

Bosque del Apache – BEMP’s 33rd BEMP site!

Bosque del Apache – BEMP’s 33rd BEMP site! It was muddy… really, really, muddy. The cold February nights didn’t have much of a chance against the quick warming sunshine that had us in t-shirts before lunch. The hard frosted pathways morphed into to shin-deep sludge that made carrying 50 pound bags of sand, rebar, ladders, and the rest of the … Read More

Otter Days 2018

Last Wednesday, April 11th, and Monday, April 16th, BEMP and Bosque School hosted the 6th Otter Day celebration to honor the reintroduction of the river otter into New Mexico. The goal of this event was to teach kindergarten and first grade students about river otters and their habitat through different activities. River otters are an important indicator species of river … Read More

Friends from the Congo

On Monday, April 9th, BEMP hosted a group of 4 delegates from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who are visiting the United States to learn about sustainability practices. Specifically the goal of their visit was to learn about sustainability in the mining industry through the International Visitor Leadership Program by exposing them to best practices in preservation of ecosystems, … Read More

The Bosque’s Broken Heart

The Bosque’s Broken Heart THE FUTURE OF THE RIO GRANDE COTTONWOOD By Eliot, 6th grade student at Bosque School When most people think of New Mexico, they are likely to imagine an arid desert with a few saguaros, maybe a tumbleweed here and there. However, running right through the middle of the state flows the fourth longest river in the … Read More