Porcupines of the Rio Grande on KUNM!

BEMP ON THE RADIO – Click HERE! BEMP was recently invited to be on Albuquerque’s Public Radio station KUNM for the Children’s Hour (originally broadcast on Nov 11, 2017). BEMP Co-Director (and porcupine expert!) Dan Shaw and about 20 kids joined host Katie Stone, and shared all about BEMP’s favorite animal – PORCUPINES! Jayden and Elena were the  BEMP students … Read More

BEMP on New Mexico PBS!

Catch BEMP on Friday, Dec 8th at 7pm on New Mexico PBS show New Mexico in Focus: Our Land   BEMP Co-Director Dan Shaw, BEMP Educator Kelly Steinberg, and 2 BEMP students from South Valley Academy – Lynette and Alberto, Class of ’18 – were filmed this week for a special episode of the show all about BEMP’s great work … Read More

Rio Research Roudup

Building from our own experience as BEMP students from 6th grade, we, the Wildlife Biology class at Bosque School, have participated in many activities related to the bosque and the Rio Grande watershed. In the classroom this year, we learned about native and exotic fish of the Rio Grande. We then helped the US Fish and Wildlife Service with their … Read More

Watching the Wolves

A big part of BEMP’s work is facilitating hands-on and rigorous research opportunities for high school students. At Bosque School, once students take one wildlife biology course, they can elect to do independent studies to further their wildlife research interests. Juli (Bosque School Class of ’18) and Glen (Bosque School Class of’18) have been working hard the last few months … Read More

Wood It Burn?

Have you ever explored the bosque? Right in Albuquerque’s backyard is a nearly continuous network of trails that run north-south along the river and wind their way through the forest. These trails even connect Albuquerque to neighboring cities! There are larger trails with lots of foot traffic and smaller trails that few may know. Regardless, these trails allow us as … Read More

Bosque School Alumna Continues Studying the Bosque with HER students!

Pictured above: Ms. Greenleaf, on the far left, with her Corrales Elementary School 5th graders on a BEMP Study Trip On October 2nd, 2017 Ms. Greenleaf’s 5th grade class from Corrales Elementary School came to Bosque School to do a Study Trip with BEMP. Ms. Linda Greenleaf (formerly Linda Pierce) is a BEMP alumna herself! She started “BEMPin” back when she … Read More

Why do we monitor for tamarisk leaf beetles at BEMP?

What an exciting summer it has been smacking salt cedar trees with an insect net! Why is BEMP smacking trees? BEMP interns Ivan Robles and Keara Bixby spent their 2017 summer in search of the tamarisk leaf beetle (TLB), an introduced biological control for the non-native saltcedar tree also known as a tamarisk or Tamarix spp.. This is the fourth … Read More

Inundation Investigations

It’s not often that you get to see mallards swimming amongst the trees in the bosque, or find fish swimming in the litterfall tubs, or wade through waist deep water to get to a precipitation gauge, or raft over pitfall traps, but these were exactly the sort of experiences we had this spring when the high river flows led to flooding in the bosque. It was a … Read More

BEMP’s Monthly Monitoring for the 2017-2018 School Year!

The week of September 18, 2017 marks the start of BEMP’s monthly monitoring data collection for the  2017-2018 school year. Although BEMP monitors its 31 sites all year long, our citizen scientists (students) join us primarily during the school year. This year we’ve got 24 schools working up and down the Rio Grande from Santo Domingo to Socorro. We are … Read More

26 lb snapping turtle found in Bosque School’s Budagher Pond!

For most folks a snapping turtle is an unseen Bosque School campus resident. But they lurk in the muddy bottom of Budagher Pond and our adjacent ditch. This past week, students from Bosque’s wildlife and conservation biology class captured a 26 pound Snapping Turtle as part of their ongoing turtle research efforts. The animal was measured, micro-chipped, and returned to … Read More