Amazing Arthropods!

The week of Sep 26-30 is the Fall 2016 arthropod pitfall trapping week and we successfully trapped a multitude of amazing critters. Arthropods is the scientific word for “bug” and means insects + spiders + invertebrates with lots of legs (like those crazy centipedes)! Students from BEMP monitored 20 pitfall traps at each BEMP site. Pitfall traps are left open 48 hours. … Read More

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge turns 4!

This past weekend BEMP had the opportunity to party with our community at the 4th birthday celebration of the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge! Located in Southern Albuquerque, Valle de Oro is New Mexico’s first urban national wildlife refuge and works to connect the surrounding community to wildlife and nature in their own backyard. Their annual birthday bash is one … Read More

BEMP’s New Address…

Don’t worry! BEMP hasn’t gone anywhere, but our street name has changed! Here’s our new address at our Bosque School location:   Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) 4000 Bosque School Rd NW Albuquerque, NM 87120

Horizons Super Saturday and Monarchs

BEMP helped out with Horizon‘s first Super Saturday on Sep. 10th, 2016. Students trapped a HUGE snapping turtle with Bosque School Alum and BEMP Summer Intern Elijah Martinez and several students went looking for monarch butterflies for the Southwest Monarch Study monitoring citizen science program.

Muddy Rio Grande on Sep 2nd, 2016

Muddy (even foamy) waters of the Rio Grande at Montaño Bridge, ABQ; San Acacia Dam, Sevilleta; and Mesilla, Las Cruces. Shots were taken Aug. 24th (middle photo of Sevilleta) and Sept. 2nd (ABQ and Las Cruces). Sean O’Neill, our biologist, looks on at the foamy run-off while doing water chemistry testing for BEMP.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend BEMPers! Remember … Read More

Art @ BEMP!

Pictured above is Donny’s BEMPer sticker.  This summer two Bosque School students, Donny ’18 and Reese ’17 were hired by BEMP to create some incredible works of art in order to communicate science in unique and engaging ways. Donny re-vamped BEMP’s Bosque Bingo cards – a favorite of our Study Trip students. He also designed some fabulous new stickers featuring BEMP’s favorite creature … Read More

BEMP Article in Green Teacher Magazine this summer!

BEMP is excited to re-post an article in the most recent Green Teacher Magazine, written by our own Dan Shaw, BEMP Co-Director! Falling Arthropods and Citizen Science by Green Teacher on July 5, 2016. Author: Dan Shaw  Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher #110, Summer 2016.  Learn more about Green Teacher’s non-profit magazine and books at “Open the trap … Read More

Looking Back at Horizons 2016

(Image of 4th/5th graders checking a pitfall trap for arthropods) In just six short weeks this summer, BEMP worked with 86 Horizons of Albuquerque students and well over a dozen of their teachers to bring science education to life through the local bosque ecosystem. The students were grouped by grade level such that the 2nd and 3rd graders, 4th and 5th … Read More

Teacher Training Bonanza!

(Pictured above – Long Time BEMPer Molly Madden (Belen) and newest BEMP staff member Ruby Estrada (BEMP South) going over pitfall trapping protocols) This June, BEMP hosted several Teacher Training opportunities for enthusiastic teachers in our community. Colin DeGroot (Milken Educator of the Year ’15) ran a POWER and ENERGY workshop for science teachers around Albuquerque. He enlisted the BEMP … Read More

Pied Piper of the Bosque

This is an article from March 24th, 2015 in the Bosque Beast Magazine, which has sadly ceased publication. We thought we’d re-post it here on our blog. Enjoy!   A science teacher takes an unusual approach to calling out future scientists Remember that cool biology teacher you had in middle school, Mr. What’s-his-name? Or maybe it was the poli-sci teacher—two of … Read More