Local high school students get “into” water chemistry!

BEMP is committed to helping students succeed in all aspects of the scientific process: constructing hypotheses, performing hands-on research, analyzing their results, and communicating their findings. Our students know that they are making important contributions to a body of long-term data on the Rio Grande watershed. This information is used by policy makers and other local stakeholders. Many students also … Read More

Porcupine Genetic Research

Photo: Dan Shaw with students, trapping and collaring a porcupine.  Bosque School student Sarah (’17) and Delaney (Amy Biehl HS ’18) are partnering with the UNM Biology Department and NCGR (National Center for Genome Resources) to study porcupine genetics in the Albuquerque Bosque. Over the past 13 years, Dan Shaw, BEMP Co-Director and Bosque School Wildlife Biology Faculty, and his students have … Read More

Goblins in the bosque…. Happy Halloween!

“Are we going to see alligators in the river? Will there be tigers in the woods? Are there monkeys here?” The questions children ask when they make their first trip to the bosque reflect their curiosity, imagination, and sense of adventure. As exciting as it would be to see those animals, we won’t be seeing any in our bosque. However, … Read More

BEMP South – Summer Camp Fun in the Sun!

Pictured above: Sophie White, BEMP South Summer Camper   BEMP Summer Camp on the Bosque-2016 was held at the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park (MVBSP) and proved to be a wonderful experience for some dedicated 10-12 year olds. Campers joined us from Las Cruces, Mesilla, El Paso, and California along with two wonderful NMSU volunteers. Campers were able to experience … Read More

Fall Field Tour 2016

On October 14th, BEMP hosted its annual Fall Field Tour. We shared new findings about the bosque from the BEMP perspective and through the lens of the our partner agencies and communities. The Fall Field Tour allows us to present our work, receive feedback, and exchange ideas face-to-face with our collaborators, and gives them an opportunity to connect with one another. This year’s Fall … Read More

Rose Hardesty – New Environmental Education Intern

Guest Blog Post by Rose Hardesty: My name is Rose Hardesty, BEMP’s newest Environmental Education Intern. I am an Antioch College student, and my time at BEMP will be my third co-op experience. The co-op program is one of the many ways Antioch emphasizes a holistic education: students are required to complete four terms working at full-time jobs or internships … Read More

Amazing Arthropods!

The week of Sep 26-30 is the Fall 2016 arthropod pitfall trapping week and we successfully trapped a multitude of amazing critters. Arthropods is the scientific word for “bug” and means insects + spiders + invertebrates with lots of legs (like those crazy centipedes)! Students from BEMP monitored 20 pitfall traps at each BEMP site. Pitfall traps are left open 48 hours. … Read More

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge turns 4!

This past weekend BEMP had the opportunity to party with our community at the 4th birthday celebration of the Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge! Located in Southern Albuquerque, Valle de Oro is New Mexico’s first urban national wildlife refuge and works to connect the surrounding community to wildlife and nature in their own backyard. Their annual birthday bash is one … Read More

BEMP’s New Address…

Don’t worry! BEMP hasn’t gone anywhere, but our street name has changed! Here’s our new address at our Bosque School location:   Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) 4000 Bosque School Rd NW Albuquerque, NM 87120

Horizons Super Saturday and Monarchs

BEMP helped out with Horizon‘s first Super Saturday on Sep. 10th, 2016. Students trapped a HUGE snapping turtle with Bosque School Alum and BEMP Summer Intern Elijah Martinez and several students went looking for monarch butterflies for the Southwest Monarch Study monitoring citizen science program.