Looking Back at Horizons 2016

(Image of 4th/5th graders checking a pitfall trap for arthropods) In just six short weeks this summer, BEMP worked with 86 Horizons of Albuquerque students and well over a dozen of their teachers to bring science education to life through the local bosque ecosystem. The students were grouped by grade level such that the 2nd and 3rd graders, 4th and 5th … Read More

Teacher Training Bonanza!

(Pictured above – Long Time BEMPer Molly Madden (Belen) and newest BEMP staff member Ruby Estrada (BEMP South) going over pitfall trapping protocols) This June, BEMP hosted several Teacher Training opportunities for enthusiastic teachers in our community. Colin DeGroot (Milken Educator of the Year ’15) ran a POWER and ENERGY workshop for science teachers around Albuquerque. He enlisted the BEMP … Read More

Pied Piper of the Bosque

This is an article from March 24th, 2015 in the Bosque Beast Magazine, which has sadly ceased publication. We thought we’d re-post it here on our blog. Enjoy!   A science teacher takes an unusual approach to calling out future scientists Remember that cool biology teacher you had in middle school, Mr. What’s-his-name? Or maybe it was the poli-sci teacher—two of … Read More

First Day of Horizons 2016!

Today BEMP kicked off our summer with Horizons at Bosque School! The 4th and 5th graders learned about bugs and got to build their own bug replicas. They will be starting a research project on bosque arthropods soon. They hope to compare surface active arthropods with macroinvertebrates and arboreal arthropods.

Weather stations built by high schoolers for bosque climate data!

Over the past two years BEMP has initiated an exciting and STEM-centric programming project to monitor the bosque. The project is a partnership between BEMP, two Albuquerque charter high schools, the Intel Corporation (a technology company based in Albuquerque), and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The goals at the outset of the project were to increase technological literacy and … Read More

¡Compartimos nuestra sciencia con Puerto Rico!

BEMP/LTER Schoolyard Simposio Virtual (Virtual Symposium) On May 17th, 2016 Spanish-speaking students from seven schools in New Mexico and Puerto Rico gathered to share (en Español!) their scientific discoveries after a year of monitoring their local bosques (forests). Students in Puerto Rico worked with the Luquillo Long Term Ecological Research Schoolyard program to study environmental issues like cactus die-off, heavy … Read More

BEMP Students Present to Senator Udall

Senator Udall hosted an information session about water sustainability and innovation in New Mexico on May 2nd.  He invited BEMP students from Bosque School and Rio Rancho HS to speak about their experiences researching and stewarding the bosque ecosystem. Students did a phenomenal job of giving poised and articulate presentations to Sen. Udall. Here’s a link to the press release from Sen. … Read More

BEMP Congress 2016!

On Thursday April 28th and Friday April 29th nearly 300 BEMPers gathered to share their findings from their research in the bosque in the last year. They presented scientific posters and shared artwork and memories from their time in the bosque. Fourth through sixth grade students gathered at Bosque School on Thursday where they investigated BEMP data with Science Coordinator Kim … Read More

Otter Day!

This week one of the Bosque School wildlife biology classes and #BEMP celebrated Otter Day with 7 first grade classes. The first graders visited Bosque School and learned that taking care of New Mexico’s wildlife is all about protecting their habitat; a clean river means healthy otters. River otters were extirpated from New Mexico but were reintroduced near Taos Pueblo … Read More

#CitSciDay: BEMP & National Citizen Science Day!

This Saturday kicks of the first National Citizen Science Day! Join BEMP educator Kelly Steinberg, this Saturday, April 16th from 2-4pm to learn about how BEMP is a unique citizen science program. BEMP is thrilled to host a booth along with other great citizen science programs of New Mexico like Nature’s Notebook and the Rio Grande Phenology Trail Network. Come out and … Read More