Science in Spanish at the Simposio Virtual

On May 15th 2017, students of all ages from Albuquerque and Puerto Rico gathered (virtually) to share their long term scientific research of their respective bosques and rios during the 5th Annual Simposio Virtual. Students from Puerto Rico worked with the

Asel Venturi of Bosque School presenting about fungus in frogs

Luquillo Long Term Ecological Research Schoolyard program to study and present important issues like water quality, changes within the ecological communities of cacti, and ecological habitat of the Rio Piñonas. Meanwhile students from Albuquerque’s Bosque school, La Academia de Esperanza, and South Valley Academy worked with the Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research Schoolyard program to present on issues such as attitudes towards snakes and coyotes, water quality in the Rio Grande, porcupine genetics, chytrid fungus, and policies about water usage within the Albuquerque South valley.

Students from La Academia de Esperanza watch presentations from Puerto Rico

Did we mention that these amazing students presented all of their research findings completely in Spanish! These students had the opportunity to share their discoveries in another language, illustrating that science exists across many different cultures, regions, political, and language boundaries. Although Puerto Rico and Albuquerque are 2706 miles apart, there are many similar environmental issues that we face, which is why sharing this science and research remains incredibly important.

We are so proud of all our students that participated in this event and a special thanks to Noelia Báez Rodríguez from Schoolyard PR, Bosque School Spanish teacher Maria Clara Rekow, BEMP’s Audrey Kruse, and all of our wonderful teachers and students from Puerto Rico and Albuquerque that made this event possible. 

Gracias por sus investigaciones y trabajo duro. Hasta el próximo simposio!


Guest Blog Post by Keara Bixby, Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Summer Intern

Picture above: students from the Luquillo LTER in Puerto Rico after the Simposio