BEMP Fall Field Tour 2018

Fall Field Tour 2018
Management Strategies of a Senescing Bosque

Thursday, October 25th 9:30 am – 12:00 pm

The bosque is more than one thing, but the World War II era, gallery forest of mature cottonwoods that for many people defines the bosque is coming to an end.

Join BEMP for a fall field tour focusing on Management Strategies of a Senescing Bosque.  We will focus on bosque fire risk.  Building from BEMP data and analysis we will show where aging cottonwoods, saltcedar damaged by tamarisk leaf beetle, impacts of reduced drain and river flows converge to create fuel loads, ladder fuels, and catastrophic fire hazards.  We will juxtapose looking at those concerns with restoration projects where those risks are reduced.

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