BEMP Loves Our Interns, Part 1: Welcome Marisa Granados!

BEMP is excited to welcome summer intern Marisa!  Marisa has been a huge help and inspiration to the BEMP team!

Marisa Granados is a recent Bosque School alumna and is planning on attending Colorado State University in the fall to study Environmental Engineering. Marisa has done extensive research through the Bosque School Senior Thesis program on Environmental Education programs and how they are instrumental in creating the next generation of environmental stewards. Along with her paper, she also worked with Bosque School 8th graders and the U.S. Forest Service to create a stewardship curriculum for the 8th Grade backpacking trip which will be continued in the following years. Marisa worked with Dan Shaw and BEMP as a fourth grader installing bird boxes on the Bosque School Pond Island, and again in 6th grade doing Monthly Monitoring. She found her passion for the outdoors and environmental justice through a residential environmental education program called NatureBridge. Marisa was recently named NatureBridge Student of the Year 2018 for her work with Bosque School 8th graders and traveled to San Francisco to speak at their annual Gala. Marisa has also recently started a chapter of Earth Guardians, an international youth-led climate activism organization, here in Albuquerque, and is hoping to work to address climate issues prevalent in the ABQ community. If you would like to help to spread the word, their facebook page is @EarthGuardiansABQ, and their first meeting should be scheduled shortly! Marisa is so thrilled to be an intern at BEMP this summer and is so glad to be surrounded by people with similar interests.