BEMP Adventures and Celebrations with the 100,000th BEMPer

BEMP is all about learning, adventures, and celebrations. Monthly, we celebrate the opportunity to learn outside with thousands of students and to partner with dozens of agencies, schools, Pueblos, and other organizations to do science that matters beyond the classroom. As we close out this semester, we’ve been reflecting on the adventures we’ve had with over 100,000 BEMP participants since … Read More

BEMP Celebrates Its 100,000th BEMPer!

By Eliot, Bosque Class of 2023 Every month, students along the Rio Grande venture out into the bosque to collect data. Thousands of citizen scientists, of all ages, and from a wide variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds roll up their sleeves and dig into this essential New Mexico ecosystem. With BEMP, learning becomes relevant and engages kids in becoming … Read More

Budding Bobcat Scientists Present to our Elected Officials

Last week, two 6th grade-scientists, Madeline (Maddie) ‘25 and Elise ‘25, took a trip downtown to the City/County building along with Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) staff and a senior from Atrisco Heritage High School, Xavier ‘19. They were presenting to a group of City Councilors and County Commissioners at the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Government Commission (ABCGC) meeting. BEMP was … Read More

2019 Riparian Restoration Conference

BEMP loves data! Chances are, if you have ever spent a day with us, you were an intrepid community scientist helping us collect valuable data. What do we do with all of this information? We share it! This January, BEMP biologist Keara and lead educator Kelly took some of that data to the Riparian Restoration Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  They … Read More

2019 Crawford Symposium

BEMP’s annual Crawford Symposium came early this year! On February 15, 2019, BEMP celebrated their co-founder Clifford S. Crawford by bringing together over 250 wide-ranging individuals, from elementary school poets to graduate student researchers to State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard. The one thing everyone had in common was an incredible passion for New Mexico, the Middle Rio Grande, and … Read More

Conservation of our lobo, the Mexican gray wolf

Last Tuesday, a crew of 11 dedicated students left town before the sun was even hinting at its return to the sky to help conserve one of the most endangered subspecies of wolves in the world: our lobo, the Mexican gray wolf. This, the rarest subspecies of wolf in North America, was historically common in the Southwest until it was … Read More

BEMP Turtle Trapping at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

While most students were enjoying an extended weekend in the middle of October, a dedicated crew of Bosque School and UNM scholars spent four days trapping and taking genetic samples of freshwater turtles down south at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Part of a larger project led by New Mexico Game and Fish and the University of New … Read More

BEMP celebrates its partnership with USA-NPN!

BEMP celebrates its partnership with USA-NPN! Where does all the data that BEMP collects go? While most of it is used to inform understanding of the bosque ecosystem (it is in our name, after all!), some of it contributes to a larger, national database. Since October 2015, BEMP has used Nature’s Notebook, a program developed by the USA-National Phenology Network … Read More

Management Strategies of a Senescing Bosque

BEMP Fall Field Tour 2018 “What bosque comes next?” was the question that over 50 people came to Bosque School to answer this past week. Each fall the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) hosts a Fall Field Tour for river and bosque managers, ecologists, and other interested people to discuss the implications of BEMP’s research and findings. BEMP, using a … Read More