Summer Staff 2016

Education Staff

Lisa M_BEMP 2016 Summer Pic

Summer Environmental Educator

Lisa McBride was born in Albuquerque but moved around quite a bit including several countries throughout Europe because of her father’s career in the military. She is a graduate student at New Mexico Highlands University working on the effects of habitat fragmentation on riparian snake species. Lisa enjoys educating communities about riparian wildlife. She also loves to spend time outdoors, travel, and play sports.

Elijah Martinez Pic

Summer Environmental Educator

Elijah Martinez was born and raised in ABQ and attended Bosque School from 6th through 12th grade and was involved with BEMP both in 6th grade and again in 11th and 12th grade. Elijah helped established a research project to investigate native and exotic aquatic turtle populations in Albuquerque and presented his findings as the Crawford Symposium, the Rio Grande Nature Center and at Joint Annual Wildlife Meeting. Elijah will be a sophomore at UNM this fall and is studying biology, and hoping to minor in psychology. He would eventually like to go to medical school. Most of his friends know him as “that wildlife nerd.” Elijah always gets excited by critters he finds or by telling anyone who will listen about the different kinds of birds in the trees above. He enjoys being outside in whatever capacity he can find and some of his hobbies include cooking, making teas and coffee, learning to slackline, making pottery, and photography.

Science Staff

Claire Reardon Pic

Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Monitoring Leader

Claire Reardon has been involved with BEMP since 2006, when she started as a 6th grader at Bosque School. She is now studying Environmental Science at Prescott College in Arizona, and returns to BEMP every chance she gets. Her favorite BEMP datasets (apart from tamarisk beetles) are the jackrabbit surveys and water chemistry.

Caitlyn Willis Pic

Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Monitoring Intern

Caitlyn Willis grew up in Santa Fe, NM where she developed a love for hiking, wildlife, gardening and painting. She is currently majoring in Biology and Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. She has an interest in plants and the important roles they play in wildlife, ecosystems and how those ecosystems change over time.

Kinsey Warnock Pic

High School Science Intern

Kinsey Warnock became aware of BEMP through her AP Environmental Science class. She presented at the 2016 Crawford Symposium and when she heard about the internship she knew she wanted to be more involved. She just graduated from Rio Rancho High School and will be attending Brandeis University in Boston, Massachuettes. She loves hiking, camping, and the zoo.


Art Staff

Reece Bice Pic

Artist and Illustrator

Reese Bice is a member of The Distinguished Artists’ Guild and a Harry Potter Alliance volunteer, which promotes literacy for New Mexico’s children through reading outreach. Reese has eight younger siblings and has always enjoyed helping kids learn through reading and art. Reese will be using this experience to illustrate this summer’s BEMP book in a way that will be entertaining, engaging and educational for kids. Reese has been participating in BEMP projects since beginning Bosque in middle school and is excited to be able to contribute in a way that meshes so perfectly with their interests and skills.

Donny Kelley-Currens pic

Artist for Educational Materials

Donny Kelley-Currens is starting his junior year at Bosque School. He is very much interested in paleontology, zoology and illustrating. In his spare time he is an avid fisherman and takes extra time to release his catch safely back to the water. Donny will be designing new BEMP stickers and other education-related art.