Summer Staff 2017

Reese Bice: Artist and Illustrator

Reese Bice is a member of The Distinguished Artists’ Guild and a Harry Potter Alliance volunteer, which promotes literacy for New Mexico’s children through reading outreach. Reese has eight younger siblings and has always enjoyed helping kids learn through reading and art. Reese will be using this experience to illustrate this summer’s BEMP book in a way that will be entertaining, engaging and educational for kids. Reese has been participating in BEMP projects since beginning Bosque in middle school and is excited to be able to contribute in a way that meshes so perfectly with their interests and skills.

Keara Bixby: Project Lead Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Project

Keara Bixby has a degree in Conservation Biology and Sustainability Studies at the University of New Mexico.  Growing up in Las Cruces with the Organ Mountains in her backyard, she spent much of her time looking for reptiles and developing an appreciation for wildlife. In her spare time, she loves being outside and circus acrobatics. She is extremely excited to be BEMPin’ it up and learning about what the bosque has to offer to everyone.

Ivan Robles: Undergraduate Intern Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Project

I am Ivan Robles, I graduated from Nex+Gen Academy High School in 2015. I have since spent the last two years building trails in the summer for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, and going to school at Central New Mexico Community College. As a Los Angeles native, I never really experienced the outdoors until I moved to New Mexico at the age of 6. I remember seeing magnificent thunderstorms and gorgeous sunsets for the first time in my life just on the drive over. I am passionate about conservation because nature’s beauty is free to inspire anyone and I would hate to see a world without it. My hobbies include cooking, gardening, writing raps and playing with bugs.

Laura Martinez: HS Science Intern

Laura Martinez is a tree-hugger, fish enthusiast, book nerd, flute player, and a runner. She will be attending UNM this upcoming fall semester with the hopes of majoring in Biology with a minor in Business. She lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with her axolotl and miniature American Eskimo.

Jonatahn Tyrell: HS Science Intern

Jonathan Tyrrell started his hike in the Bosque with BEMP when he was 9 years old, BEMPing throughout middle school with the homeschool group Rio Grande Roots and Shoots. After a short hiatus in his high school years, he is glad to be a part of the BEMP family again. Jonathan will begin attending UNM in the fall, having graduated from the Early College Academy in the spring of 2017. He plans to get his degree in Biochemistry and is excited to explore new horizons with BEMP. When not in the Bosque, you can find Jonathan immersed in Albuquerque’s art community, whether acting or directing at the Vortex theater or going to a gallery opening downtown.

Sarah Moser: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sarah Moser grew up in Angel Fire, New Mexico and moved to Albuquerque to start high school at Bosque School. She graduated with the Class of 2017, and is currently involved in an exciting research project with porcupine genetics alongside fellow research assistant Delaney Hill. Outside of her interest in science, she spends her time hiking, making and listening to music, and playing with her three cats.


Delaney Hill: Undergraduate Research Assistant

My name is Delaney, and I graduated from Amy Biehl Charter High School. I’m working with Sarah Moser on a porcupine genetics project that has spanned almost a year. I’m passionate about genetics and will be pursuing a degree in Biology at UNM in the Fall of 2017. I plan to work with new and innovative genetic research studies. My goal is to obtain a PhD one day. I enjoy spending time with my family and pets, as well as playing video games with my little sister.