Our Mission:

Community Science, Education, and Stewardship: Equitable and inclusive hands-on student research
essential to the management of the Rio Grande ecosystem.


Through science, all things are possible. By giving our community an opportunity to participate in citizen science, we can gather information about the riparian forest (bosque) while allowing students and volunteers alike to learn firsthand about the complex ecosystem that is the Rio Grande bosque.


We believe that education helps cultivate an understanding and respect, not just for our own bosque, but the planet as a whole. Through the education of the general public, especially our students, we seek to provide good data in order to inform public policy. There’s nothing greater than empowerment through education.


It is our responsibility to work together to study and learn about the Middle Rio Grande bosque. With meticulous research, data collection, and careful planning, we can begin to understand the overall condition of the bosque. Through citizen science, we hope to instill an environmental ethic that can transfer far beyond the bosque.

Help us study and protect the Rio Grande bosque!