Luquillo-Sevilleta Virtual Symposium

2021 Luquillo-Sevilleta Virtual Symposium

Connecting along an ecological divide: How students responded to COVID by joining together to monitor the complexities of their home ecosystems

Friday May 7th 2021 at 8 am MST or 10 am AST

In partnership with the Luquillo Long Term Ecological Research Network, BEMP annually hosts a formal student webinar for students to share their own, original research delivered entirely in Spanish. Students of all ages from Albuquerque and Puerto Rico gather (virtually) to share their long term scientific research of their respective forests and rivers. Ultimately, this event intends to celebrate the diversity in cultures and backgrounds that these two locations foster.

Annual Luquillo-Sevilleta Virtual Symposium

Success! On April 24th 2020, about 30 students from New Mexico and Puerto Rico met virtually to share their research on how human disturbances affect their local ecosystems during our annual Luquillo-Sevilleta Virtual Symposium as part of the Schoolyard LTER program. This event is a part of BEMP’s collaboration with the US Long Term Ecological Research Network. The presentations and follow-up questions were all done in Spanish, showing how the exchange of scientific discoveries can happen across cultural, political, and language boundaries. We had a great turn out and lots of fun! Thank you to all that made this event possible!!!