There are 4 AMAZING ways
your students can be part of BEMP:

Contact BEMP Education at for an educational opportunity. 

1. Exploring the Outdoors

Learn about changes in the ecosystem through nature journaling. BEMP educators will lead students through various activities that allow students to explore the nature around them and what nature means to them.

2. Bosque Data Jam

In this 5 part series, student will learn how to collect data in their environment, graph, and analyze that data. The end of these lessons will lead to a creative project which display their findings.

3. Monthly Monitoring Education

Contact us to learn how your students can get involved in our Monthly Monitoring education and how you can use BEMP data in your classroom.

4. Asynchronous Lessons

River of Change

Stormwater Science

Rio Manso
Coming soon!
Stormwater Science
Part 1
Coming soon!
Stormwater Science
Part 2
Coming soon!

BEMP students gain scientific literacy through participation in real world science.

“BEMP gave me the opportunity to translate my love for the place I live into useful action generating knowledge about it. As a younger student, I learned methods of ecological inquiry; as a college intern, I had the opportunity to design my own research projects and ask my own questions. I am so grateful to BEMP for being the catalyst of my scientific career.” Rowan Converse, former BEMP student participant, college intern, and now wildlife biologist.