Daniel ShawDaniel Shaw co-directs the citizen science Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) and along with the late Dr. Cliff Crawford, and Dr. Crawford’s then-graduate student, Lisa Ellis were BEMP’s co-founders. His Bosque School students’ research includes wildlife and habitat issues in urban landscapes, threats to amphibian survival, and the delicate work of capturing and radio-collaring porcupines to study this prickly rodent’s distribution and natural history. His publications include the UNM Press Southwest Aquatic Habitats: On the Trail of Fish in a Desert and Eco-tracking: On the Trail of Habitat Change, both of which profile BEMP students and their environmental monitoring and stewardship work. As an original Bosque School faculty member in 1995 and BEMP’s first employee in 1996, he has helped to grow both entities and takes pride in the many students with whom he has shared the discovery, study, and care of the Rio Grande and its watershed.