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When you give to the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP), you help empower and enable youth to be citizen scientists in their local bosque. You promote natural resource stewardship in your community. You support groundwater and vegetation analysis that BEMP provides to land managers and public policy makers. Your support of BEMP makes a difference!

You can give to one of two funds, Annual Operating Costs or BEMP Capital Campaign.

Annual Operating Costs

Here are some examples of BEMP’s operating costs:

$10 – Supplies a rain gage at one BEMP monitoring site so students can monitor precipitation
$25 – Provides a classroom set of BEMP educational materials
$50 – Supports equipment and testing water quality field parameters at one site along the Rio Grande
$100 – Covers printing costs so that a student can present their research at a scientific conference
$250 – Provides bussing (one of BEMP’s largest costs) to transport 15 or more students to the bosque for monthly monitoring or study trips.

BEMP Capital Campaign

BEMP delivers quality citizen science education to create engaged community members. BEMP’s capital campaign will provide the resources necessary for BEMP’s long-term needs. This includes endowment and facilities support for such things as a BEMP education and a headquarters building. Giving to BEMP’s capital campaign efforts allows for various levels of donor recognition. Please contact Dan Shaw at or Katie Higgins at or call either at (505) 898-6388 for more information about capital campaign opportunities.

BEMP/Bosque School Non-Profit Status – BEMP is an outreach program of the Bosque School, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and donations to it are tax deductible consistent with State and Federal laws and regulations.


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