Summer Education & Camps

BEMP and Horizons of Albuquerque

During the summers, BEMP partners with Horizons of Albuquerque at Bosque School and Manzano Day School. This program is a non-profit organization offering enrichment programming for public school students in Albuquerque who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Horizons is committed to the development of the whole child through experiences that develop academic skills, enhance self-esteem, foster responsibility, build problem-solving skills, and encourage a life-long interest in learning.

For Horizons Summers, grades 2 & 3 will work with BEMP educators and scientists to study the ecosystems and niches of the nearby bosque. The 4th and 5th graders might collect and analyze arthropods active on the ground and in the trees of the bosque to compare the two types of insect and spider communities. Sixth and seventh graders will have the opportunity to trap turtles in the Bosque School pond and nearby ditches to better understand these reptiles.

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2017 BEMP Summer Study Trips

BEMP is offering 1/2 day (morning or afternoon) “Study Trips” (science-based field trips) to do ecological data collection out in the bosque with young folks (ages 8 and up). BEMP citizen scientists (participants) will collect actual scientific data that directly informs bosque management decisions. This is ideal for summer camp groups, scout organizations, home-school groups, etc.


If you have questions, please contact BEMP Education Coordinator Kelly Steinberg