BEMP Basics

BEMP offers two different BEMP Basics lessons (see below). The first is a general overview for those wanting to learn about ecosystems and food webs. The second is monitoring specific and is intended to be used for those that will be joining us during our Monthly Monitoring sessions, detailing the methods and techniques used while in the field.

General BEMP Basics (for non-Monthly Monitoring groups)

General BEMP Basics with answers (for all ages!)

Bosque Ecosystem: An ecosystem is made up of living (animals and plants) and non-living (water or soil) things that interact and depend on each other for life. What do you think the bosque ecosystem is like?

Esencia General de BEMP con respuestas (¡para todas las edades!)

Ecosistema del Bosque: Un ecosistema está hecho de seres vivos (animales y plantas) y no-vivos (agua o tierra) seres que interactúan y dependen entre sí para siempre. ¿Cómo piensas que es el ecosistema del bosque?

NGSS: 5-LS2-1; 5-PS3; MS-LS2-3 & HS-LS2-4.

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Monthly Monitoring BEMP Basics

BEMP Monthly Monitoring Basics (for all ages!)

Follow this worksheet as you watch the BEMP Monthly Monitoring Basics video to learn more about how BEMP monitors the bosque ecosystem each month!

Bases del Monitoreo Mensual de BEMP (¡para todas las edades!)

Sigue esta hoja de trabajo a la vez que ves el vídeo de los Básicos del Monitoreo Mensual de BEMP  para aprender más sobre cómo BEMP monitorea el ecosistema del bosque cada mes!

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