Bosque FarmsComprehensive Report:US Army Corps of Engineers
BEMP 2016 Monitoring Report

Learn about monitoring and education that BEMP does across the 32 sites throughout the Middle Rio Grande.

US Army Corps of Engineers 2015 Monitoring Report
BEMP Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Monitoring (2016)
Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District Report (2016)
BEMP Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Monitoring (2015)Effects of Bosque Disturbance SummaryBEMP Comprehensive Report: 1997-2009BEMP First Report: 1997-2000BEMP First Report: 2001 AddendumReport: E. coli concentrations in Rio Grande, 2010Report to Valle de Oro, 2014Vegetation Reports 2012Vegetation Reports 2011Vegetation Reports 2010Vegetation Reports 2009Poster: The Bosque as a Mosaic, 2013

Black Institute of Environmental Studies

BEMP is an integral part of this multi-dimentional program.

Annual ReportAnnual Report: 2012-2013

Year in Review – take a look at the work of the Black Institute. It highlights BEMP, funding partnerships, student demographics, outreach events in the community, data recommendations and publications. The report also shows wildlife research, programming evaluations and several self-narrated views of our high school and college summer internships.

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Data Users: Partnerships along the Middle Rio Grande Valley: